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samsung s8
Samsung unveiled its new flagship samsung galaxy s8 smartphone to the media in seoul. the korean tech titan is hoping their latest gadgets will win back fans who were shocked to the core by the previous model's flaming flaws. kim hyesung introduces to us the galaxy s8 and s8-plus longer, slimmer, and lighter. samsung is making a comeback with its newflagship galaxy s8 and the slightly larger galaxy s8 plus. "our newest product, the galaxy s8, will change the existing smartphone paradigm.
we hope to open a new chapter in smartphone history and regain the trust and love of our customers." galaxy s8 boasts a wider screen compared to its s7 predecessors, with the top and bottom bezels having been cut down and its home button replaced with a virtual one that appears when you unlock the phone. but its original features like an iris scanner and water-proof functions are still there. galaxy s8's most eye-catching feature is artificial intelligence assistant bixby, which compares favorably to apple's siri. anything the user can do by touch or text,bixby can do by voice command, allowing users to search and categorize data or even send pictures to friends. 

It can even translate text into 52 languages. "more good news for busy users who want tomaxmize their productivity. the galaxy s8's dex dock can turn the handset into a android-based desktop." with a portable dock, monitor, keyboard andmouse, users can pop the galaxy s8 to a computer monitor and work with microsoft documentsor apps. the success of the new flagship phone is criticalto samsung as it seeks to make up for last year's note 7 fiasco. -"so far, the s8 has received great feedback, with record high pre-orders in korea. 

as long as samsung can keep up its quality control measures, like its "8-point battery safety check," it will be able to redeem consumer trust and do well in the second quarter." the global rollout of samsung's galaxy 8 series will begin april 21st, with full retail prices starting from $828 for the s8 and $877 forthe s8 plus. but to make sure the bixby english versionworks seamlessly, samsung says the virtual assistant won't be available in the u.s. market until may. kim hyesung, arirang news.

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